Group 2 Cat of the Year Scores.


Cat of the Year Progress 2018

Last updated 2018-10-15 10:04:27 including Blue Point Show

Group 2

Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
Male KittensAstraxalotte Elu WulfSiameseGallagher Family240
 Astraxalotte Favian WulfSiameseGallagher Family111
 Braeside JoffreySiameseF & T Jupp101
 Zoel KayoOrientalN James97
 Braeside TommenSiameseF & T Jupp70
Female KittensAstraxalotte Kilani WulfSiameseGallagher Family281
 Punchie Termora SpawnOrientalM Baxter132
 Braeside Got The LooksOrientalF & T Jupp120
 Astraxalotte Meisho GemSiameseGallagher Family120
 Zoel AyidaOrientalN James107
Desexed KittensZoel Mr TitanOrientalR & R Campbell197
 Braeside TobiiasOrientalL Thwaites127
 Astraxalotte Luna WulfSiameseGallager Family105
 Bajimbi Denny Long LegsOrientalK Burns99
 Punchie Billie JeanOrientalM Baxter93
Male CatsBraeside MiloSiameseF & T Jupp512
 Kaluamoa Awesome GemSiameseGallagher Family285
 Tomadah AtticusSiameseR & C Tomlinson62
 Tomelima The Private LabelOrientalM Baxter11
Female CatsBraeside Scarlett FeverOrientalF & T Jupp398
 Kaluamoa Kauai Platinum JewelSiameseGallagher Family354
 Zoel AyidaOrientalN James193
 Zoel Lady LunaOrientalN James60
 Braeside MyrcelaOrientalF & T Jupp43
Neuter CatsAstraxalotte Manako GemSiameseGallagher Family415
 Zoel Mr TitanOrientalR & R Campbell387
 Braeside Midnite ExpressOrientalF & T Jupp101
 Braeside Elf In A StormSiameseD Don73
 Astraxalotte Guddu GemSiameseB Johnston38
Spay CatsSinopia ZoilaOrientalR & R Campbell584
 Sukra Chantilly LaceBalineseD Don225
 Astraxalotte Mocha StarSiameseB Johnston16
 Fretomau April LoveSiameseL Gill7