Group 4 Cat of the Year Scores.


Cat of the Year Progress 2019

Last updated 2019-11-08 12:53:37 including Final Results

Group 4

Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
Desexed KittensTiffanyC Carter358
 SmudgeC Carter241
 Keeper Of The ForestE Head61
Neuter CatsTrueblueC Carter304
 Megan Of SooteC Carter230
 Curling DervishP & J Fitzhenry183
 From Tears to CheersV Grayston174
 SocratesP & J Fitzhenry109
Spay CatsDizzie LizzieL Thwaites347
 China DollC Carter213
 No Time For TearsV Grayston179
 Kiara Nomore Fear ImhereV Grayston166
 SummerC Carter132