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Final Pointscore - as at Southern Highlands Show

Associate Members Progress 2019

Last updated 2019-11-08 12:56:47

Kitten of the YearBreedOwnerPoints
Bindura Double Delight (Desexed)BirmanP & C Cootes131
Babuschka A New Hope (Male)SiberianT Stewart & G Ransom103
Babuschka Dinara (Female)SiberianP & C Cootes36
Tyumen Augusta (Desexed)SiberianT Stewart28
Babusckha Zorros Mark (Female)SiberianC & P Cootes11
Entire Cat of the YearBreedOwnerPoints
Babuschka Avalon (Female)SiberianT Stewart112
Zorro Of Barvinok (Male)SiberianP & C Cootes35
Almaza Krasota Kot Kajal (Male)SiberianT Stewart33
Babuschka A New Hope (Male)SibeianT Stewart & G Ransom7
Babuschka Dinara (Female)SibeianC & P Cootes5
Desexed Cat of the YearBreedOwnerPoints
Babuscchka Zeus (Neuter)SiberianT Stewart194
Babuschka Candy Crush (Spay)SiberianG Ransom71
Kalanautch Lady Tabitha (Spay)ExoticD White15