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Pointscore as at Southern Highlands 28.8.22

Associate Members Progress 2022

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Kitten of the YearBreedOwnerPoints
Babuschka Golda (Female)Siberian C & P Cootes118
Subria Kenny Rodgers (Desexed)BirmanBC Richings60
Tyumen Indiana Jones (Male)Siberian T Stewart38
Subria Dolly Parton (Female)BirmanBC Richings19
Babuschka Sheza Babe (Female)Siberian C & P Cootes18
Entire Cat of the YearBreedOwnerPoints
Chaynikoty Just Like Fire (Male)Siberian T Stewart65
Babuschka Golda (Female)SiberianC & P Cootes48
Maisondechat Hollywood (Male)BirmanBC Richings44
Desexed Cat of the YearBreedOwnerPoints
Babuschka Avalon (Spay)Siberian G Ransom90
Babuschka Zeus (Neuter)Siberian T Stewart24