Breed Spotlight


The Delightful Devon Rex:
Devon Rex – Devon is adjacent to Cornwall in the south west of England. It is a place of lovely green farmland, retired people and tourists. This cat has large eyes, set wide apart. The cheek bones are prominent and it has huge low–set ears. This is a slender, but sturdy and muscular, cat of medium size. As for the Cornish Rex, the rexed (meaning curled) coat is due to a genetic mutation which does not affect the health of the cat. This cat breed has a vast range of coat and eye colours (All the colours of the rainbow plus more). The hair can be sparse, sometimes suede like in texture, but ideally without bald parts and variances are normal and due apparently to hormonal changes.
Temperament: kleptomaniac! Loves finding treats and hiding things. Friendly, charming and easy going and playful – good with other pets and children. Also very intelligent and loving and will miss you when you are not home entertaining the Devon Rex cats and kittens.
Recognition and spread of the Devon Rex breed
  • The breed was first accepted in England and Europe in the late 1960's and from there, spread to other parts of the world including America in 1968 and Australia in 1971.
  • The breed is now recognized in every association. Because of its limited gene pool, all Devon rex can be traced back to a cat named Kirlee.
Visit the Breeders Page on this website to locate lovable Devons near you. If possible visit the cattery and handle the cats and kittens. Devons can also be suitable for people with allergies.