Breed Spotlight


 A natural cat found in Scandinavian forests centuries ago.The breed was registered as a pedigree show cat in Europe by the 1970s, and in the American CatFanciers Association in 1994. In 1978, it was recognizedin Sweden, and in 1989, they were accepted as a breed in the United Kingdom by the Norwegian CatClub of Britain. The Norwegian Forest breed is very popular in Norway and Sweden. It has been thefifth most popular cat breed in France since 2003.The breed evolved through the centuries as a product of its environment. It had to feed, defend,and protect its self from the elements in the Scandinavian forests. It has a semi long,water–repellent coat and is well– proportioned, strong, and intelligent. The Norwegian Forest Catis independent and alert to its surroundings, and is a large to medium–large sized cat and stronglybuilt. It takes 4–5 years to reach the full size. A loving, gentle and playful breed with goodclimbing skills. The coat does not knot like a Persian coat but does require grooming, as do allcats, to keep it in pristine condition.
Adaptability5 starsEnergy Level   3 stars              Shedding Level     3 stars  
Affection Level 5 starsGrooming 2 starsSocial Needs5 stars
Child Friendly  4 starsHealth Issues3 starsStranger Friendly5 stars
Dog Friendly5 starsIntelligence4 stars