Management of the NSWCFA.

The constitution of the NSW CFA provides that there shall be a Management Committee comprised of twelve members.

Function of the Management Committee

The Management Committee has the entire control and management of the  affairs of the NSW CFA and has the power to perform all such acts and  do all such things as appear to the Management Committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the NSW CFA. It may exercise all functions except those that are required by the Rules to be exercised by a general meeting of the members of the NSW CFA.

Election of Management Committee Members

Nominations are called to fill the four vacancies on the Management Committee each year. All financial members of the NSW CFA are eligible to nominate to fill a vacancy. Nominees submit a profile which is circulated to ALL financial members of the NSW CFA, together with a  ballot paper.

The NSW CFA believes that this democratic election process is the only way to ensure that each financial member is able to have a voice in who will serve on the Management Committee for the ensuing three years, thus ensuring stability of direction, aims and ideals.

The Executive Committee comprises the President, Senior Vice President and Treasurer which, subject to the control, direction and ratification of the Management Committee, shall be responsible for the Management of the urgent affairs of the NSW CFA between meetings of the Management Committee.

Members of the Management Committee

The Management Committee is comprised of twelve members, each member being elected for a  three year term at the conclusion of which they may offer themselves for re-election. Four members of the Management Committee retire each year at the conclusion of their three year elected term.

Meetings of the Management Committee

The Management Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month. These meetings normally run from 7.00pm until 10.00pm but often extend beyond these hours with special meetings being called on a regular basis to deal with specific items or events. Sub Committees meet whenever the need arises.

Sub Committees

Within the framework of the Management Committee are several Sub Committees. These Sub Committees have the  power to co-opt from amongst the general membership. The Sub Committees meet independently of the Management Committee and all decisions of the various Sub Committees are presented to the Management Committee for ratification.

Finance Sub Committee

The Executive of the Management Committee

Judges & Breeds Sub Committee

Valerie Cashman, Maureen Norberry (Chair) and Sue Thomas

Stewards Sub Committee

Chris Buckley, Debbie Thomas, Stephanie Tscherne and Sharyn Yelland (Chair)

Show Sub Committee

Maureen Camarsh, Garry Stephens (Chair) and Sue Thomas

Education & Compliance Sub Committee

Tracey Camp, Michelle Grayson, Joanne Greentree, Maureen Norberry (Chair) and Sue Thomas

Journal Sub Committee

Sandra Dukes (Editor) and Michelle Grayson

Office Bearers



President - Joanne Greentree



Senior Vice President - Maureen Norberry



Vice President - Susan Thomas



Treasurer - Warren Price



Committee - Maureen Camarsh


Commitee - Tracey Camp


Committee - Lee Gallagher


Committee - Les Hodge


Committee - Linda Osborne


Committee - Debbie Thomas


Committee - Sharyn Yelland

Committee - Michelle Grayson