Message From The President

I have been a little amiss of late with Notices going up on the website to keep you updated of what has been happening with NSW CFA.  Another member did ask me what happened at the MC elections as nothing had appeared on the website so for this I apologise but I do forget things so if I do in future, please let me know.  We had our ballot count and the 4 elected candidates were Marcelle Brown, Maureen Camarsh, Lee Gallagher and Sue Thomas.  Unfortunately, there are only 4 so my thanks to Linda Osborne and Rosemary Rogers for their nominations as it is not an easy task to put your hand up to run for such a position.  We had our Annual General Meeting & General Meeting on Tuesday 28 October 2014 and I thank those members who attended.  We are in the process of having our December Catching Up Magazine finalised and sent to the printers so you will receive the magazine before Christmas.  Letters have gone out to our Top 5 winners for 2014 for our presentation/luncheon at Berowra Waters Restaurant on Saturday 7 February 2015 so hope to see some familiar faces on the day but please remember this luncheon is open to any member and their family wishing to attend.  It is a great day out. 
Marg Sim and myself attended the CCCA Meeting in Melbourne on the weekend of 15/16 November and ratified minutes of our June 2014 meeting will be shortly put on the website.  One important thing from that meeting was that  “any Burmese being imported from New Zealand or transferred from Ancats must be accompanied by an 8 generation pedigree” so this is important for our Burmese breeders to be aware of.