Help Your Kitten Buyers Live Happily With Their Cat

Help your kitten buyers live happily with their cat
Do your kitten buyers feel they are being blackmailed and held to ransom by their cat? Is cat travel to the vet a traumatic experience for them both?  Are there signs of illness that your kitten buyers don’t understand and worry them? Do they just want to improve their feline friend’s health and wellbeing?
You can help your kitten buyers to support their cat’s improved longevity and wellbeing and much more with these purrfect e-books from the Cats Revealed series, by Dr Kim Kendall, Cat Vet of The Chatswood Cat Palace (link www.chatswoodcatpalace.com.au/).
Dr Kim also covers topics, such as feline-friendly boarding, moving house, cat-friendly grooming/washing, solving fish breath problems, living comfortably with allergies and even introducing a new baby!
Special offer to NSW Cat Fanciers Association members!
Dr Kim is offering all members and their kitten buyers a FREE e-book ‘What is your pet cat trying to tell you?’ - the Forward written by “America’s veterinarian” Dr Marty Becker.
Dr Kim is also offering FREE kitten health checks and one FREE visit to Café Purrfection, the world’s first ethical cat café in Sydney, to all kitten buyers of NSW CFA breeders.
For offer expiry and more information, please email info@thecatpalace.com.au or phone 02 9417 3329.