Group 1 Cat of the Year Scores.


Cat of the Year Progress 2024

Last updated 2024-05-21 10:22:54 including Federal Kitten Show

Group 1

Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
Male KittensAngel Fire JuniperMaine CoonE Connellan40
 Aberlady ZuluRagdollM Nelson27
 Aberlady CormacRagdollM Nelson18
 Aberlady MaverickRagdollM Nelson14
Female KittensLtrend Miss MinutesMaine CoonD Barnett & M Townley40
 Aberlady KahlaniRagdollM Nelson16
 Monster HeadfullofdreamsMaine CoonE Connellan10
 Angelfire PatchouliMaine CoonL Holmes4
Desexed KittensLtrend Perfect SinnerMaine CoonD Barnett & M Townley57
 Coolcoons  High RollerMaine CoonD Robertson & C Eves12
 Jazmena LeonBirmanM Grayson12
Male CatsLtrend Sweet Home AlabamamainD Barnett & M Townley30
 Coonmagic Secret AllianceMaine CoonD Barnett & M Townley15
 Monster Stomper RomperMaine CoonL Holmes15
Female CatsChainoponds Material GirlPersianM & M Cannon18
 Ltrend My FireflyMaine CoonD Barnett & M Townley14
 Crowngems Bianca MoonPersianM & M Cannon9
 Glamara MoonglowBirmanJ Doust5
Neuter CatsBushkenheim DragoNorwegian FCL Anderson30
 Bushkenheim JaxonNorwegian FCL Anderson & K Gaunt30
 Glamara Man In The Moon BirmanJ Doust21
Spay CatsBushkenheim Arya StarkNorwegian FCL Anderson21
 Glamara PoemBirmanJ Rose12