Group 2 Cat of the Year Scores.


Cat of the Year Progress 2022

Last updated 2023-01-09 14:30:39 including Lismore 22/10/22

Group 2

Cats NameBreedOwnerPoints
Male KittensAstraxalotte Ichro KaiSiameseGallagher Family92
 Astraxalotte Yoshi KaiSiameseGallagher Family72
 Astraxalotte Tilly KaiSiameseGallagher Family27
 Astraxalotte Sooty KaiSiameseGallagher Family24
Female KittensAstraxalotte Geeta KaiSiameseGallagher Family77
 Zoel Koko LatteOrientalN James51
 Zoel Ladi GuinevereSiameseN James39
 Astraxalotte Leilani KaiSiameseGallagher Family34
 Astraxalotte Yuko KaiSiameseGallagher Family30
Desexed KittensZoel ShariffSiameseP Perkins148
 Zoel Total EclipseOrientalR & R Campbell76
Male CatsGarthowen Blue KaiSiameseGallagher Family404
 Attacks Love ActuallyOrientalN James44
Female CatsKaluamoa Kauai Platinum JewelSiameseGallagher Family367
 Astraxalotte Hiro GemSiameseGallagher Family339
 Zoel Koko LatteOrientalN James168
 Zoel Ladi GuinevereSiameseN James107
 Fretomau Mdm ButterflySiameseP & J Fitzhenry6
Neuter CatsZoel ShariffSiameseP Perkins367
 Zoel ShatoorOrientalP Perkins248
 Zoel Total EclipseOrientalR & R Campbell181
 Calian GreatexpectationsSiameseR & R Campbell137
 Fretomau Ice DancerForeign White76
Spay CatsZoel Rey SkywalkerOrientalL Cochrane210
 Fretomau Mdm ButterflySiameseP & J Fitzhenry78