Judges of NSWCFA.

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Sofia Bird
Group:2, 3
0411 225 757

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I have always loved animals, especially cats, my first cat was a present for my 8th birthday, a cream Burmese. My mum and I joined the cat fancy and the Burmese cat club after buying our first show cat in 2007, and very naughty chocolate tortie Burmese. We also starting breeding Burmese around the same time under the prefix ’Misara’. I really enjoyed showing our cats and wanted to be more involved in the cat fancy, and when I thought I was ready and the judging course was offered I jumped at it. In my day to day life I am a theatre nurse at a major teaching hospital in Sydney. I find this work to be rewarding, challenging and very interesting as you never know what is going to come through the doors. Even though I am very new to the world of judging I hope to get the same fulfillment out of it as I do my job, because you never know what you’ll be faced with.

Address: PO Box 40 Willoughby NSW 2068

Camarsh Photo

Maureen Camarsh
Group:1, 2, 3
0407 416 830

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Camarsh Photo

I joined the Cat Fancy with my husband in 1976 with the purchase of a Red Point Siamese Kitten. After breeding and successfully showing Red and Tortie points for some time, we moved into all other colours and patterns of Siamese, still with the emphasis on Red, Cream ,Tortie and Tabby Points
With the purchase of a Chocolate Oriental from Western Australia we bred and showed with great success him and his progeny , gaining many Best in Show awards and Cats of the year.

Our next, still within the Siamese family we obtained, showed and bred Foreign Whites We then bred Balinese with some measure of acceptance and success. I currently breed Foreign Whites and Siamese ( mainly Tabby Points) with the addition of the Longhair Foreign Whites, I have owned many Best in Show and Cats of the year in this group. I have also bred and shown successfully Abyssinians, Devon and Cornish Rexes and Burmese –these also featuring in many Cat of the Year awards, Along with the Foreign Whites and Siamese, at present, I still breed breed Cornish Rexes –under the prefix of FRETOMAU which I have held for over 40 years.

I am a Life Member and Secretary / Treasurer of the Federal Cat Club of Australasia , as well as President of Kempsey Kat Club , Blue Point Siamese and Jacaranda Cat Clubs and am actively involved in promoting the showing and breeding of Pedigreed Cats in the Country areas of NSW.

I am an International All Breeds Judge, having completed my Shorthair Licence in 1988 and Longhair Licence in 1998. I have judged extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand. I am an All Breeds Tutor Judge having organised and aided with Judges’ Training Courses for a number of years

I was privileged to be granted Life Membership of the NSWCFA

Before retiring I was a Medical Scientific Officer working as such in Biochemistry Department of a large Private Pathology Practice

Address: 10 Palmer Rd Woolgoolga 2456

Hodge Photo

Sharon Hodge
Group:1, 2, 3
0490 684 370 (SMS or Email preferre

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Hodge Photo

I have been involved in the cat fancy since approximately 1986. During that time my husband and I have bred and shown Persians and Exotics (solids, colourpoints and bi–colours). During this period of time we were regular exhibitors at shows, except for a period of time where I took a brief hiatus to study law. We both feel blessed that we were able to enjoy some success on the show bench with our breeding. With my husband and children I have donated time working at and supporting cat shows in a variety ways. Not only have I had the joy sharing my life and home with Persians and Exotics but currently enjoy the pleasure of the company of a Siberian and a Bengal. I have held a number of positions in cat clubs over the years and I presently hold the position of President of the Longhair Cat Association of NSW. In 2008 I attained my Group 1 Licence and in March 2015 I was granted Group 1 Tutor Judge status. In March 2017 I attained the status of All Breeds Judge.

Address: P.O Box 1355 Campbelltown 2560

James (Gr 1 Prob) Photo

Nikki James (Gr 1 Prob)
Group:1, 2, 3
0490 690 332

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James (Gr 1 Prob) Photo

I come from a family of cat lovers and have grown up always with a cat on my lap. I developed a love for the elegant and talkative Siamese and as a teenager I was given a Red Point male, Conan who I started to show with the RAS Cat Control in 1989. He sired a few litters with our seal point female Serena, and our Seal Lynx point female under my mother’s prefix ‘Eronel’.

I returned to the cat fancy in 2005 after I fell in love with a beautiful blue point female as a member of the NSW CFA. I started my breeding journey with her in late 2005 when she had a wonderful litter of 6 kittens from an Oriental stud under my prefix ‘Zoel’. And so began my love of the Oriental breed!
I kept a black spotted tabby female, Tabitha from my first litter, and continued my breeding program with her. My mother kept a lovely Black Oriental neuter from my first litter, Romeo, and continued to attend shows with me over the years showing him and later exhibiting some other beautiful show neuters she spoilt over the years. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2013 and I miss attending shows with her.

I have been breeding Siamese and Orientals for 17 years and remain active in the cat fancy as an exhibitor. I recently resigned from NSW CFA committee, after serving for 3 years. However, I am currently a long serving member of the Oriental Cat Club of NSW and sit on the board as club treasurer. I have a small cattery on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and breed my kittens for health, temperament and to improve show quality. I currently have 5 breeding girls and recently imported a Red spotted bicolour Oriental stud from Norway, Love Actually, to bring genetic diversity to my lines and the ‘modern’ European type. I am proud to have received many Top 5 Cat of the Year awards and had the honour of showing and breeding cats who have been awarded Supreme Exhibits in Show in both Australia and New Zealand.

I commenced working at shows as a steward in 2007 and attained my Shorthair Judges license in 2015. I plan to complete my Gr 1 Longhair Judges course in early 2023, to qualify as an All Breeds Judge. I consider myself privileged to admire, handle and judge the show exhibits. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to judge interstate which has enabled me to develop many new friendships and meet many new felines!

When not attending cat shows, I work as a midwife at the Northern Beaches Hospital. I am a mother to 5 children and have a grandson, Chase. I have 2 boys left living at home, Arian and Zahn who love having our cats as part of our family.

Address: 11 Hawea Place Belrose NSW 2085

Mangan Photo

Fiona Mangan
Group:1, 2, 3
0475 916 218

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Mangan Photo

Animals have always been important in my life. After growing up with the company of whippets, greyhounds and a succession of cats of varying descriptions, I became interested in cats in a serious way after forming a liaison with my first Abyssinians, a tawny and a silver, in 1989. Initially, it was just an involvement in showing cats but breeding them soon followed, specialising in Silver Abyssinians under the Nivalis prefix. Today, we have a multi–cat household, each of them allotted time according to their need to love and be loved. All cats are special and each is unique, regardless of their ancestry.

I have held membership with several cat clubs and for many years, was involved with the Abyssinian and Somali Cat Club of Australia serving in roles including President, Secretary, Treasurer and Show Manager. Since 1998 I have been active as a steward, enjoying assignments in all groups and in 2003, qualified as a Companion Exhibit Judge.

My pedigreed judging experience began with Group 3 (full licence 2010), followed by Group 2 in 2013, attaining my Shorthair Judge’s licence. I completed my Longhair licence (Group 1) and was granted full licence as an All Breeds Judge in November 2016.

Currently residing in the Hunter Valley Wine Country region of NSW, I enjoy observing and learning about our local wildlife. Apart from my strong interest in all things feline, other interests include zoology, embroidery, quilting and music.

Closest airport: Newcastle (NTL)

Address: Branxton NSW 2335

Address: 24 Rosehill Place, Branxton NSW 2335

McGrath (Prob G1) Photo

Cathy McGrath (Prob G1)
0427 476 457

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McGrath (Prob G1) Photo

I have been interested in cats ( and horses) as long as I can remember. I remember clearly my first kitten, Tibby, a tabby, I must have been all but three years old, and my love for felines has grown from there, and I cannot not remember a time that I did not own a cat.
In the early 80’s I bred Persians, which I found so rewarding and an enjoyable relaxing hobby. Unfortunately, due to family commitments I retired from breeding, but promised myself once the family had grown up, I would continue my passion.
Hence in 1990, I purchased and showed my first neuter Ragdoll, and finally in 2000’s I started up a Prefix “ Grathbrae” which is now founded on Ragdolls imports from America and Europe.
My passion, apart from breeding is showing (also showing Clydesdale horses), my partner and I travel wide afield, as I am truly committed in showing others the beauty of the gorgeous Ragdoll cat.
I am also a trainee G1 Judge and Steward.

Address: Maclean

Norberry Photo

Maureen Norberry
Group:1, 2, 3
0418 329 209

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Norberry Photo

I became involved with cats and the Cat Fancy over 30 years ago with the gift of a seal point Siamese kitten who became the mother of my first show kitten.

Since my first show, I have been actively involved with the Cat Fancy: as an exhibitor, breeder (Orientals, Siamese and Devon Rex) and worker – being regularly involved in running shows and assisting on the executive of a number of Clubs. I am a Life Member of the St George District Cat Club and the Oriental Cat Club of NSW. I was also honoured to be given Life Membership of the NSW Cat Fanciers Association, in 2022.

Although I am no longer involved with breeding pedigree cats, for the last 14 years I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with, and exhibiting, some wonderful Norwegian Forest cats.

Until recently I was an active member of the NSW CFA Management Committee and a delegate to CCCA. My particular areas of interest are breed and judging issues and in line with those interests I was a member of the CCCA Breeds Committee and chair of the last two judges courses (shorthair and longhair) run by NSWCFA.
I commenced my judges training with group 2 in1996 and was granted an allbreeds license in 2007. I am a fully licensed all breeds tutor judge.

I have enjoyed immensely judging in the ACT and all states of Australia, regularly in the North and South Islands of New Zealand and more recently in China. Away from the Cat Fancy I am a solicitor living in Mittagong in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. In my rare moments of spare time I enjoy sourcing art deco and retro furniture, gardening, bushwalking and going to the gym.

Address: 10 Brewster St Mittagong 2575

Perkins Photo

Phillipa Perkins
Group:1, 2, 3
0412 699 224

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Perkins Photo

I have been involved with the cat fancy since 1988.~ 35 years!!

From when I first registered my breeding prefix “SINJIN” in 1988, under which I have exclusively bred Siamese & Orientals and much to my delight achieved numerous Breeder/Owner ~ Cat & Kitten of the Year awards over the years.

I’m a founding & life member of “The Oriental Cat Club of NSW” (Est:1989) and have over the years of my involvement with this club, have held the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Show Manager/Show Secretary & currently hold the position of Club President.

In July 2022, I was proudly presented with a “Honorary Membership” from the New Zealand Siamese Cat Association, which I had the privilege of judging for in Christchurch. NZ.

I become an approved steward in 1994, and then a NSWCFA Companion Judge in 1999.

In March 2017, I successfully completed with NSWCFA ~ The All Shorthair Judges Training Course (Groups 2 & 3) and was granted my Full Shorthair Open Licence, and in August 2022, advanced to All Shorthair Tudor Judge.

As from September 2022, I’m currently Probationary Longhair (Group 1) with the NSWCFA, with the hope of becoming an “Allbreeds Open Licence Judge” in the near future!!

My love & admiration for all felines gives me enormous pleasure judging and I am so looking forward to continuing this experience over the years to come. As we have some truly amazing pedigree cats on the show bench today.

In my other life ~ What other life?? .......The Cats Rule It!!!!

Nearest Airport ~ Newcastle.

Address: Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Thomas Photo

Sue Thomas
Group:1, 2, 3
0412 808 777

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Thomas Photo

Since very early childhood I have had an association with various domestic cats. Our family’s first Burmese cat came to us in 1983, after conducting a lot of research. In 1985, after purchasing two more neuter boys, we began showing our cats. That was it! My fate as a burmese owner was sealed. In 1999 a further cat joined us, and so continued my interest in showing. We also became the slaves of a lovely spotted spay Bengal in 2006 which coincided with the commencement of my breeding programme with these gorgeous burmese, when our first of two breeding girls arrived, and over the years, under our Sukimah prefix we have had some success on the show bench.

After successfully completed the Shorthair group judging course in 2015, I became a fully qualified shorthair judge in 2017. This year I was successful in becoming fully qualified in the Longhair Group so I am now a CCCA all breeds judge, being a tutor judge in the Shorthair Group.

My involvement with affiliate clubs began with membership of the Newcastle & Hunter Valley Cat Club in 1985, which continues today. I am an active member of The Burmese Cat Society of Australasia Inc for many years, appointed firstly as Treasurer for 6 years and since 2011 I have been the Society’s secretary.

I am also co–editor of our Society’s magazine. I hold membership of two other cat clubs affiliated with NSW CFA.

I am entering my 5th term on the NSW CFA Management Committee. I am a member of the Judges/Breed sub–committee, Education & Compliance sub–committee, and also the Show Sub–committee. I have served for a term and a half as President, and I currently hold the position of Vice President of our Association.

Away from Cat Fancy interests, and apart from my part time work, reading books, meeting up with friends, enjoying time with our cats, gardening, spending time with our family here and in Perth, WA are my main interests.

Address: 56 Robinia Grove, Garden Suburb NSW 2289

Tomlinson Photo

Christine Tomlinson
Group:1, 2
(02) 6962 6151

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Tomlinson Photo

I have always had a love affair with cats for as long as I can remember and would always befriend any cat I came across. I got my first pedigree cat in 1977 and started to show in 1978. He was a red point Siamese and this was the beginning of my involvement in the cat world.

Together with my husband Ray, an All Breeds Judge, we breed and show both Siamese and British shorthair under the Tomadah Prefix. We specialise in red, cream and tortie point Siamese which have taken out many Best In Show and Group 2 Cat of the Year Awards. We live in Griffith in the heart of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and in 1982, with the help of others, were instrumental in the founding of the MIA Cat Club. For various periods over the years since then I have held the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officer of the Club.

I am an experienced Steward and completed the Companion Cat Judges Training Course in 1997 and since then have judged at many shows. I successfully completed the Group 2 Judges Training Course in 2001, obtaining my full Group 2 Licence on 1 July 2003.

Address: 33 Watson Road Griffith 2680

Emeritus Judges

Margaret Chaney - Group 1

Valerie Hurry - All Breeds


Tutor Judges

* Maureen Norberry (All Breeds)       * Maureen Camarsh (All Breeds)

* Christine Tomlinson (G1 & G2)      * Sharon Hodge (All Breeds) 

* Fiona Mangan (All Breeds)

* Phillipa Perkins (G2 & G3)              * Nikki James (G2 & G3) 

* Sue Thomas (G2 & G3)