*** IMPORTANT News & Information ***

Sold As Pet Only status

Commencing in January 2020 NSW CFA members will have the option of requesting that the notation “Sold as Pet Only” is included on the registration certificates of kittens being registered should they wish to sell and register kittens on that basis.  The fee for this will be the same as the fee for kitten registrations that appears on our current Scale of Fees.

Microchip Numbers on Registration Certificates

Commencing in January 2020, there will no cost for members wishing to include a Microchip number on the registration certificate of a kitten/cat PROVIDED that the request for the inclusion of the microchip number is made at the same time as the request for another change to the registration details for that kitten/ca (ie kitten registration, title update).

December Edition of Catching Up

Due to time constraints, our 2019 December Catching Up Journal will be delayed due to the office closure on 20 December 2019. We sincerely apologisefor any inconvenience should this slight delay in posting occur, however we wish to assure members that it will be posted early in the New Year at the latest.

Survey Feedback

NSW CFA members were recently offered the opportunity to complete a survey for suggestions about things that they would like addressed.  The ManagementCommittee thanks those members who took the time to submit the survey. We are currently considering these and will provide further updates on these in the New Year.

Cattery Advertisement Costs

Just a reminder of the costs to advertise your cattery on our website.

The fees are $26.00 for the blurb AND $5.00 for each photo.

EG Blurb & 1 photo will cost them $31.00 (if you have 2 x prefix's, the cost would be $62.00).

CCCA Update on Cats Vic Inc (CVI)

CCC of A wishes to advise affiliates, and ask that you pass the following to your memberbodies and through them their breeders, that Cats Vic Inc [CVI] is currently under suspension from ACF and will completely cease operations at the end of this month. Further to that, being under the Victorian legislation, no breeder is permitted to sell, lease or give away any cat or kitten unless they, the breeder/s, are members of an Applicable Organisation - CVI is NOT an applicable organisation. Therefore, breeders still affiliated with CVI are not permitted to place their stock unless they join either FCCV or GCCFV who are both Applicable Organisations in Victoria. Please be aware of these rules if you are in discussion with CVI breeders about any purchases, leases or gifts of kittens or cats. Many CVI breeders have transferred to FCCV or GCCFV so although there may be delay in processing theirpaperwork, as long as all is in order, it will come from those who are working with either of these association.

NSW Fires

Our thoughts remain with all our members, their families, friends and everyone who may be affected by the bushfires in NSW and across the country.Please stay safe and if any of our members need assistance, please contact our office & we will endeavour to help.Ph: 02 9834 6577 (Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.00pmEmail: office@nswcfa.asn.au

2020 Stewards Course

If any member is interested in becoming a steward and undertaking a steward's training course in 2020, could you please send an expression of interest via email to the NSW CFA office at email: office@nswcfa.asn.au

Cats VIC update from ACF

Dear Members

We have received advice from the Australian Cat Federation  (ACF) that Cats Victoria Incorporated (an affiliate of ACF) has been suspended under the disciplinary provisions of the ACF Constitution and is currently a member body under suspension.

If you have any queries in relation to this notification, please direct them to our Administrator.