• NSW CFA Junior Exhibitor Form



    • The aim of this class is to encourage junior exhibitors, whether they own a pedigree or are domestic, to bench their cat and look after it at the show.
    • A Junior Exhibitor must be under the age of 18 at the beginning of the calendar/show year.
    • There are to be two age divisions: 6 to 12 years & 13 to 17 years.
    • Under no circumstances is a child in the 6 to 12-year-old category to be asked to handle their exhibit for judgement due to insurance restrictions.
    • It is required that the parent/guardian accompany their child during the assessment at a discrete distance.

    • Assessment to be based on:

      a) General knowledge of their exhibit.

      b) How it was prepared prior to the show, i.e., grooming.

      c) Knowledge of their chosen breed, if a pedigree cat.

      d) General care, cat husbandry, exhibition cage preparation.

      e) Cat presentation and cleanliness

      f) Exhibits temperament

      g) 13 to 17 years to handle and present their exhibit.

    • The Junior Exhibitor must be either a financial Junior Member OR part of a Family Membership.

    • A junior exhibitor does not have to own the cat that he/she exhibits and does not have to exhibit the same cat throughout the whole year.

    • No charge is made for entering the Junior Exhibitor class.

    • All Junior Exhibitors’ cats must be entered in their normal open or age class.

    • Junior Exhibitors are to be issued with their own vet slip, which must be endorsed by the junior exhibitor. They must attend the show, take the cat through vetting, and bench their cat.

    • All Junior Exhibitors’ cats will be judged together, irrespective of whether the cat is pedigreed or not.

    • First, second, and third places will carry points, which are awarded to the junior exhibitor, and the points will accumulate during the year.

    • The judge judging the challenge classes need not judge this class. However, the challenge classes must be judged first.


    • Junior Exhibitor is not a compulsory miscellaneous class.
    • NSWCFA will provide a form to be filled in at any participating show. The
      completed form is to be sent to the CFA office for the end of year tally.
    • Be it one show or 10, the Junior Exhibitor with the most points will be awarded the years’ Junior Exhibitor award.

    This may be reviewed if popularity increases.

  • Consent for the child to participate in the junior exhibitor class.

  • This form must be used for all members entering the NSWCFA Junior class under the age of 18yrs.

  • Show Information

  • Child’s Information

  • Should be Empty: