Breed Spotlight



A cat of great beauty with piercing blue eyes, a pointed pattern available in many colours in a semi–long haired coat. The Birman face has a broad cheek, medium ears and a gently rounded muzzle. The coat, being semi–longhair, should manage to look good with a weekly comb through. They are of a medium size with sturdy legs and quite large feet.

The Birman has a quiet charm, they are inquisitive, charming, playful and people orientated. They are also quite intelligent but they choose if they will do as you wish. An easy going, laid back attitude to life.

Birmans possess wonderful characters and because they are loving, gentle cats, will fit into virtually any home. They can become very devoted to their owners and often walk with you or between your feet. They are not overly vocal cats, but still manage to make their feelings known by the flick of a tail or the deep stare of their sapphire blue eyes. They thrive on your companionship and appreciate the company of another cat if they are to be left alone for long periods while their owners are at work.

Those large feet are not known to be delicate along the mantle but luckily most are not great climbers either. (although always an exception :–)

Mention of the fine features of the Birman cannot be complete without discussion of the 'gloves and gauntlets'. These are the very distinctive white feet of the Birman that make the breed one of the most difficult for the show bench. For the pet owner, suffice to say that a Birman should ideally have even gloves on all four feet with the gauntlets being the spearhead of white up the back hocks. This feature is much easier discussed than achieved!