Companion Cats.

Companion cats are unpedigreed cats of indeterminate origin to which no specific type or coat standard is applicable. Excellent temperament and top  physical condition are the paramount requirements. Cats should be in proportion and be well balanced. Coat pattern and colour together with eye colour should complement each other, and the overall cat should be visually appealing.

Just for fun!!

The companion cat is a large cat. Unless he is a small cat or a  medium size cat.

His coat is short, smooth and sleek, except when it is long and bushy. Sometimes it is long and smooth, or short and bushy - a little of each.

He is Black, White, Red or Gray - or any combination of them. He is solid coloured, unless he has stripes or spots, or lockets, or vests or boots, or blazes, or patches, or brindles. Sometimes he is spotted with striped patches.

His tail is long and thin, if it is not short and  thick. It may be long and thick, or short and thin. Occasionally it is not there at all.

No fault will be given for any variation from the above standard.

(With many thanks to Marjorie Fountain, Canada)