Meet a NSWFA Breeder

Tarmac Bengals

My Husband and I moved to country NSW four years ago, for "semi-retirement" and to start a family. With lots of acres and a big farmyard, we were soon looking to add another cat to our clan of moggies, and decided to get a pure-bred cat, we looked through all the breeds and breeders and fell in love with the Bengal. We soon decided that we wanted to breed, and set about building our cattery and all that goes with!

My mum has become very involved with the Bengals, and does a huge share of the work, she is a litter tray extraordinaire, and enjoys the long trips showing with me!! Our cats are a huge part of our life, they have led me to a new career, I am now a part time qualified Veterinary Nurse, and we have made many lifelong friends through showing, and built some wonderful relationships with other breeders all over Australia, who are passionate about Bengals. The social aspect of being in the NSW CFA has been important for us, as breeding cats was a huge learning curve, many members and judges have so much knowledge, and all have been more than happy to share it with us, and help us become successful breeders.

For me Bengals are an exciting progressive breed, they have come such a long way, in such a short time, I can only imagine the quality of the cats in 10 or 20 years. They possess a grace, beauty and uniqueness that I am yet to find in another breed, then there are their HUGE personalities!! Bengals are such cheeky, mischievous, and curious creatures, they love you to death, but can frustrate you beyond belief!! I love the range of personalities, from quiet and sedate, to noisy and mad!! On a cold night, our bed is full of spotted furry bodies, and we love it! Our 2-year-old son loves the cats, his first word was "kitten" and he knows who he can catch and cuddle, and who is too quick for him, Bengals are very wily with children and keep just far enough away!  He does a wonderful job of getting our babies "show ready" with lots of noise and sudden movements!

I absolutely love raising happy healthy kittens to be perfect pets for families who love them just as much as I do, and occasionally when we get that special baby, we look forward to showing them, hopefully having a few wins, and seeing what they can pass on to the next generation of Tarmac Bengal Babies ! Our breeding program has moved ahead in leaps and bounds as we have learnt what we want to breed, and our future is exciting, we are building 2 new catteries, and we will look at importing in the next few years.

Becoming involved with the cat fancy has changed our life, we wouldn't be without our cats for the world, and look forward to contributing to the betterment of the breed for many years to come!






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