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Low Lactose Animal Supplement is indicated as:1. A complete (infant formula) food for hand raising or supplementing orphaned or early weaned animals.2. As a food supplement for other animals that are not thriving. This includes young, performance, breeding or elderly animals.Di-Vetelact assists in the nutritional management of animals with lactase enzyme deficiency. Di-Vetelact will not prevent lactase enzyme deficiency nor is it a treatment for lactase enzyme deficiency.



Eco friendly litter manufactured from waste plantation sawdust.Recycles waste wood that would otherwise be dumped.Contains no additives.Can be composted or used as mulch.100% organic


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The natural absorption qualities of the recycled paper product helps to keep the area dry. The recycled paper product has a natural odour absorption which minimises odour without the use of chemicals or additives. A cat litter which is biodegradable, supplied in packaging which can be recycled or composted.


We are a specialised pet enclosure supplier in Sydney and we stock one of the largest range of cat cages, dog crates, ferret cages, dog kennel runs, exercise play pens, dog doors, dog beds, vet beds, bird cages, bark collars, as well as other indoor and outdoor dog enclosures in Australia. You are welcome to come to our Sydney store, but we also ship Australia wide and offer very competitive shipping rates to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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